A second home in Curacao

A second home in Curacao

Dutch who buy a second home in Curacao are faced with ‘box 3’ of the new Dutch income tax: income from savings and investments. In principle, this includes the taxable income. This income is fictitiously set at 4% of the average annual value of assets minus liabilities. This notional income is taxed at a rate of 30%. For residents of the Netherlands, a tax-free allowance is set of Fl. 37 463. For residents of the Netherlands who are older than 65 years, there also is a surcharge on the elderly exemption.
Dutch living in Curacao, may opt to be treated as a resident taxpayer. In that case, they are treated as a resident of the Netherlands and they are also eligible for tax-free allowance. Dutch living in Curacao and did not opt for, in principle, are not entitled to those reductions. However, they can claim certain deductions based on the Tax of the Kingdom (BRK).

When buying a second home in Curacao should also take into account the usual taxes on buying / owning a home in Curacao.


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A second home in Curacao
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